+ PRIVATE YOGA INSTRUCTION with any instructor

For Dawn's massage clients OR any beginner and intermediate yoga practitioners.  Let us help you to begin your yoga practice.  Contact Dawn a 518-267-9066 or dawn@barefootspace.come to arrange for private yoga instruction with any of our wonderful instructors.

$40 for 60 minutes | $60 for 90 minutes


we have a few donation-based classes

suggested donation of $5



please see description of class or workshop/events for correct fee.

our donation-based yoga classes, do not mean cheap, free or discounted!


About donation-based Yoga

  • Dawn has always wanted to offer yoga, meditation and mobility to everyone, making it accessible and affordable to all.
  • Dawn has seen and experienced the benefits of each.  All of which can have a profound impact on our body, our emotions and stress, our minds and focus.
  • Dawn does not want price to prevent you from finding a healthy whole you. 
  • By creating this donation-based program, some may feel I am disrespecting myself, my training, and my practice.  However, I believe that by offering this to you, I am teaching you to respect the offerings, the teachers and the students. 
  • Is Barefoot Space a “cheap” yoga studio?  Is Barefoot Space a discount, bargain basement yoga place? ABSOLUTELY NOT.  All I ask of you is respect for me, the teachers and the practices offered.  
  • Pay what you are able.
  • Pay it forward!  We need those who drive to class on their own, who have jobs, who can afford it,  who are driven by social action and conscience, PAY IT FORWARD! 
  • Does that me the instructors are not educated or qualified?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Barefoot Space has gained some beautifully mindful, skilled and experienced yoga teachers.  The safety of our students – physically, emotionally and spiritually – is taken very seriously. All of us who teach, offer yoga that helps heal and strengthen without inflicting harm.
  • Does that mean Barefoot Space will not have people who will “take advantage” of our kindness. NO... Of course not. I am sure it will happen, but I hope it will not.
As the owner of Barefoot Space, I am committed to offering classes to everyone. This is an opportunity for us to practice non-judgment and loving kindness. And this is an opportunity for you to allow someone else the opportunity to practice yoga with us in a safe and supportive space.