Dawn R Dotson, LMT & owner of barefoot space


Barefoot Space is the creation of Dawn R Dotson, a Certified FasciAshi (ashiatsu) Barefoot Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Dawn is a sophisticated career therapist dedicated to offering the best of Barefoot Massage Therapy. Dawn is part of a dedicated team of Barefoot Massage Instructors through the Center For Barefoot Massage (CBM).  

While Dawn is fun-loving and totally down to earth, she is completely professional in her client/practitioner relationships. Dawn believes massage and bodywork to be both an art and a science and she has a great love of anatomy & movement. Obviously, after extensive FasciAshi Barefoot Massage training the focus of Barefoot Space and the treatments offered there are Barefoot Massage Therapy. However, if you prefer a relaxing Deep Tissue (feet will still be used), specific Injury Treatment (feet will still be used), or if you are an athlete training for that special event... Barefoot Space would love to be that support for you. Barefoot Space believes that our Bodies’ have a powerful ability to heal and Dawn would like to support you and your body through that healing process.

Dawn is not only committed to continuing her education and looking to enhance her professional skills and knowledge, but she also wants to help other Massage Therapists expand their knowledge as well. Dawn offers Continuing Education and mobility workshops here at Barefoot Space. Professionally licensed Massage Therapists will learn to awaken their feet's potential and how to safely use gravity to apply "feet-on" deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point focused barefoot massage. By choosing to study with Dawn, Center For Barefoot Massage Team (CBM), and using your lovely little feet, Massage Therapists will not only lengthen their careers, they can potentially save them.

As a ERYT - Yoga Teacher, Dawn trained through Frog Lotus and teaches a philosophy and style of Hatha Yoga that emphasizes community, independent thought, creativity, music and spontaneity. This opens the door to many creative, open minded, fun loving, spiritual, fly by the seat of your pants,  eclectic individuals. 

A "Do It Yourself", guiding, no force and self responsibility! 



Kayla has worked at a variety of top rated medical spas and sports massage galleries for the last decade. She is a NYS licensed massage therapist, graduating from the Center for Natural Wellness in June 2008, as well as a licensed Cosmetologst since 2006. Kayla has had an ongoing passion for learning and understanding the human body which led her to pursuing Barefoot Massage Therapy.  Kayla is a Certified Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapist and trained in AshiThai (lazy mans yoga aka ROM/range of motion), Helping to heal muscle and soft tissue pain, such as stress, whiplash, car accidents and injuries through Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage and the combination of myofascial release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue and range of motion technique. Kayla aspires to grow and develop her skill set with Barefoot Space and advance her barefoot massage with Dawn Dotson and Center For Barefoot Massage and after time, education, blood, sweat and tears become an instructor for CBM. Kayla's specialty within each massage is her awareness of the muscles involved within each complaint of pain and how to relieve muscular and connective tissue tension. Kayla believes our bodies communicate with us, if we are willing to listen.

Outside of her career, Kayla is a full time mom of two little princesses who practice massaging with their feet like mommy, and they're pretty good too! She enjoys time with her children, outdoor adventures, gardening, flowers, crafting home decor and pinning all her hopes and dreams on Pinterest when she relaxes at night gearing up for which dreams to take on tomorrow. 

 More about CBM & How to use your FEET...

More about CBM & How to use your FEET...